Party Enhancers


Monogram/Initial lighting

We have 2 different offerings to choose from in this enhancement category:

  • Choice A Is our specialty “LOVE” light. This high end light fixture will illuminate the word “LOVE” onto your dance floor. It adds a touch of elegance to any room and is popular with our brides. The light is available on a first come first served basis at the cost of $50.
  • Choice B Same high performance light fixture, that will illuminate your CUSTOM MADE initials, monogram or name plate onto the dance floor. This will add a very personal touch to your dance floor area and is a big favorite amongst wedding photographers.

party-enhancer-choice-bThis is an elegant and creative option for personalizing with your married name. There are many different fonts and designs to choose from. This name plate has to be ” made to order” so wowfactor will need to know well in advance of your interst in this particular accessory. The light is available on a first come first served basis with a custom made gobo of your choice at the cost of $175.


The new Chauvet Freedom LED par light allows you to create the ambiance you are looking for. These lights are wireless, with no cords to trip over and are battery charged for up to 8 hours. $30 per up-light.

WOWFactor DJ Up-Lighting

Projector rental

We do have a high resolution video projector available as a rental feature for any of our WOWFactor customers. Some venues have basic projectors available to you as part of your venue cost and some do not. If you have a prepared photo montage or slideshow presentation we will be able to rent you our high resolution projector at the cost of $75 and is available on a first come first served basis.

Video screen rental

party-enhancer-video-screenIf you have a prepared photomontage or slideshow presentation we have a videoscreen rental available at the cost of $75. We will be able to accomodate you on a first come first served basis, and as the venue space allows.

Music video mixing

party-enhancer-video-mixingWowfactor dj can incorporate the art of music video mixing into any add-on package based on available venue space.This feature is very popular with our college events and bar accounts as well as a few of our corporate clients and our newlyweds that are looking to add a contemporary touch to their reception. We subscribe to “Promo Only” music video service and update our extensive music video collection monthly. We also utilize a broad range of ambient designs on the video screen and can put up a company logo or the newlyweds new name, as well as an assortment of other announcements on the screen at any time. The screen is used to enhance the overall celebration and not take away from it in any way.

Wowfactor can add this to any event package at the cost of $150. We utilize an extreme short throw high resolution projector & rear projection video screen. It is a great way to add some WOWFACTOR to any event, especially if available venue space is not an issue.


Our karaoke offerings consist of over 75,000 song titles to choose from. We can also offer dual wireless microphones for duets and double the fun. The basic karaoke package utilizes a traditional sized lyrics monitor or you can upgrade by adding our jumbo sized video screen rental to this package, so the entire room can see the lyrics. Our karaoke system utilizes a hard drived based dj software and allows us to find your song within seconds.

The karaoke add-on tends to be popular with some of our corporate holiday parties, and bar accounts as well as birthday parties. This event enhancement is available for $60 and includes song selection books organized by artist & song title as well as song request slips.

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