Wedding, Set, Go! Process

wsg-headerCongratulations on your upcoming wedding celebration, and thank you for considering the services offered by WOW Factor DJ.

Selecting the right entertainment fit for your celebration can be a challenging task so we thought we would simplify it by providing you some helpful insights into our Wedding, Set, Go! 3-phase process.



Upon contacting WOW Factor DJ via phone (616) 635-7551, email, or by the contact page on this site, let us know the date of your wedding reception. We will check our event calendar to see if your date is open and available. We book many of our wedding receptions 9 months to 1 year in advance.

No-obligation consultation

If we do have your date open we then look to set up an opportunity to meet in person. This meeting typically takes 1 hour and is very informative and beneficial to our possible clients whether they end up booking with us or not.

The initial consultation is a great way for you to meet the potential DJ of your reception face to face before making any hiring decisions. No pressure sales, no obligation to purchase, simply a convenient way for us to share more about what our service involves and for our potential clients to share their wedding reception thoughts, ideas, and expectations. This meeting, is time well spent and will give you valuable insight into whether your prospective DJ is a good fit for your celebration.

For out-of-state or non local couples we can offer a skype consultation or work out the details via phone conversations & email communications as well.

*Note: After the consultation, if you feel that you are at the point where you would like to reserve your date, it will take a $200 non-refundable deposit & signed contract to make it official.

Grace period

If you are not at the point where you are prepared to secure your date after the meeting, we offer each of our clients a week long grace period. This courtesy week gives you some time to discuss things over with your fiance or possibly meet with other entertainment professionals, without fear of losing your potential date with WOW Factor. If we are contacted by another couple during this time and they are prepared to book YOUR date, we will make every effort to contact you first to see where you are at in the decision making process.


Decision time

wsg-setAt the end of the week long grace period, a decision will be required. To secure the service offerings from WOW Factor DJ, a signed contract & $200 non-refundable deposit is required. If you have not already received a contract during your consultation, you will be able to download one off our website or we can mail/email one to each couple. Once contract & deposit are received you will be on our event calendar and this will lock in your WOW Factor DJ for your celebration.

You can still book with WOW Factor as long as your date remains open. But, after the week long grace period is over, for the couples we have previously met with, it is our policy to shift focus and prioritize any new couples that may be interested in that particular date, and thank you for your understanding.

Reception planner

During this time couples are encouraged to take advantage of the appropriate downloadable planning tools made available to all using WOW Factor DJ. All clients will also receive the direct contact information for their DJ and are welcome to reach out to them if they need to discuss any particulars regarding their celebration or service.


Event planning guide review

wsg-goApproximately 1 month before the celebration, WOW Factor DJ would like to have your reception planning guide filled out and returned to the WOW Factor home address listed at the top of the planner.

Upon reception of the planner WOW Factor will begin gathering any special song selections that you have chosen for your reception. We will also be going over all of the event details and making sure that everything is understood. We look for any potential red flags or grey areas that we may identify on the planner and address those with our client.

Information regarding any photo montage productions, projector rental, speciality lighting, etc. will all be addressed and finalized at this time. You will be contacted directly by WOW Factor DJ to review these areas. After reviewing the planning guide, it will be forwarded to your specific DJ. Any new items of concern that have come up or been identified by following this process will be brought to the attention of your DJ so all concerned parties are on the same page.

Wrap Up

You can expect a brief call or email from your DJ approximately 1 week before the reception, who will touch base one last time to ensure any pertinent details have not been changed.

Green Light (Today is the day)

All of the planning has been completed and your WOW Factor DJ will ensure that all your agreed upon requirements come to fruition. Relax, enjoy, celebrate and let the good times roll on this special day.

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